Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need further information, please reach out to us directly via the chat box or by email at 

KN95 Mask Questions: 

  • Where are your KN95 masks manufactured?
    • All of our KN95 masks are manufactured in China.
  • Who¬†is the manufacturer of your KN95 masks?
    • As we have several styles, our KN95 masks are from several different manufacturers. Please check the tests available on the product page or contact us for more specific information for the style you are looking to purchase.¬†
  • Are your KN95 masks medical grade or approved for use by health care workers, medical professionals, doctors, nurses and first responders?
    • Unless otherwise marked, our¬†KN95 masks have not be approved for use by health care professionals. Our KN95 masks are made for use by the general public.¬†
    • Are your KN95 masks N95 medical masks?
      • No,¬†they are non-medical KN95 masks, made in China for use by the general public. We do have N95 masks available, and they are listed as such.¬†
    • Do you have¬†tests for your KN95 masks?
      • Yes, most tests are available on the product page via a link in the description. If not, please contact us via or via phone. Please note that as mentioned on our product pages, these are provided by the manufacturer and have not been independently verified by Green Supply.¬†
    • Can your¬†KN95 masks be reused or washed?
      • Like all KN95 masks, our KN95 masks are meant to be disposable. If the masks become soiled or saturated, please discontinue use immediately.¬†
    • What sizes are your Kids KN95 Masks? What age are they for?
      • We have three styles of kids KN95 masks, updated shape, traditional and mini. Please review the product page for measurements and age recommendations. As mentioned, all kids masks should be worn under adult supervision only.¬†
    • What is the proper way to put on a KN95 mask?
      • Please click here for more information and a video on how to properly wear a KN95 mask.

      Cloth Mask Questions: 

      • Do these masks go around your head or ears?
        • We have two different styles of masks, one that goes around the head, and the other around the ears. Please refer to the product page for more information.
      • Are these cloth masks filtration masks?
        • No, by themselves these cloth masks are not filtration masks. Some cloth masks that we carry¬†do have an internal pocket for a disposable filter. Please refer to the product page for more information.¬†

        N95 Mask Questions: 

        • Where are your N95 masks manufactured?
          • Our N95 masks are manufactured in either China or the USA depending on the model.
        • Who is the manufacturer of your N95 masks?
          • Please check the product listing. Current manufacturers include¬†Honeywell and ALG.¬†
        • Do these masks go around your head or ears?
          • All N95 masks including these have straps that go around your head.
        • Are these masks NIOSH approved?
          • ¬†Please check the product listing as some are NIOSH approved and some are in pre-approval.¬†
        • Do you have certificates for these N95 masks?
          • Yes, certificates are available on request. Please email us via¬†

        Order Questions:  

        • When do orders ship?
          • Typically, all orders received before¬†noon¬†AZ ship the¬†same business day. For information on our shipping schedule please click here.
        • Is my credit card charged when I order or when the items ship?
          • Your credit card is charged when you place this order. This reserves the products for you and helps us ship your order faster and reduce fraudulent orders.
        • What is the status of my order?
          • Please refer to the link in your confirmation email for order status. If you can not find the email, please chat us or email us via
        • What service do you use to ship packages?
          • All orders are shipped via USPS, with the exception of overnight orders that are shipped via UPS. If you need other options, please contact us via¬†
        • How long do orders typically take to deliver after they are shipped?
          • Orders typically deliver between 3-5 business days after shipping, with the exception of overnight orders that should deliver the next business day. Please note that USPS packages do not move on Sundays.¬†
        • My order says it was delivered, but I did not receive it. What should I do?
          • First, please wait 24 hours as sometimes USPS will mark a package as delivered when it is still out for delivery. After 24 hours, check that the address that you used to place the order matches your current address. If so, please first contact the postal service using the tracking number provided. If they can not provide help, please contact us via¬†
        • My tracking number was created but it does not show as received by USPS, what is going on?
          • We ship orders according to our shipping schedule as described above. All orders are placed on a USPS truck post-shipping deadline and we do not sit on any orders. Currently, USPS is experiencing high volume and does not always scan packages the same day. That does not mean that they have not been received or they are not moving. In some cases in may take 2-3 days to show updated information, so please be patient.¬†
        • I am not happy with my order, can I return or exchange my items?¬†
          • We stand by our products and want to make sure our customers are happy above all else.¬†Please visit our returns page to learn more about our 30 day return policy.

        General Questions: 

        • What is the best way to protect myself?
          • The best way to protect yourself is to follow government guidelines and maintain social distancing. No piece of equipment, product or mask is 100% effective in protecting you, so please use your best judgement when exposing yourself to others.¬†
        • What is your privacy policy and terms of service/disclaimer?

        Wholesale Orders/Drop Shipping

        • For more information on wholesale orders, please contact us via
        • We are not currently onboarding drop-shippers at this time. Please check back for more information in the future.¬†

        General Company Information

        • Where is Green Supply located?
          • We are located in Phoenix, Arizona.
        • How can I contact Green Supply?
          • The best way to get ahold of us is by emailing us at or utilizing the onsite chat. We also are available by phone via (888) 373-0001. Please note, emails will typically be answered faster than voicemails due to call volume.