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Is Green Supply Legit?

2020 has been a year to remember. The global pandemic, has had a huge impact on the world economy, leading to multiple businesses and organization having to make significant cuts or close their doors altogether. However, some businesses were able to alter their focus and become an “essential” business during the 2020 pandemic. According to Herd (2020), a writer for Maxim, Green Supply was able to accomplish and strive despite the horrid downfall of the United States and global economy. 

One may ask, “Is Green Supply Legit?” Chad Horstman from Scottsdale, Arizona, co-founder of, a woman’s sexy costume and lingerie company was the main founder of Green Supply. He began Green Supply with a dedication, love, and passion for health and wellness, crafting a business that supports the wellbeing of others. Horstman originally planned to launch a CBD oil line and additional wellness products. However, like many, Horstman suppliers were negatively impacted due to the global pandemic virus. Utilizing the networking of his successful partner, an international luxury jeweler designer, Josh Helmich, the duo was able to quickly shift their focus to essential products.

The team, keeping wellness in mind not only developed a trusted hand sanitizer equipped with the necessary ingredients to destroy deadly viruses and bacteria, but eliminated the harmful substance many sanitizers carry. In addition, they were able to provide individuals with KN95 masks, cloth face masks, and blue disposable masks at reasonable prices. Since the beginning of the pandemic the Green Supply team has continued to expand and carry additional essential supplies including goggles, face shields, a variety of gloves, UV light Sanitizer boxes, thermometers, and a selection of sanitizers. Green Supply has over customer reviews stating consumer satisfaction due to the trusted and responsive costumer services team, the highly skilled sales department, outstanding leadership, and excellent products. Furthermore, Green Supply has been featured on Yahoo Finance, International Business Times, and Maxim among others as a leader in the field.

Green Supply continues to provide excellent service to all consumers. The wellness company offers wholesale options, individual small purchases, and frequent giveaways for first responders. Green Supply’s goal is to provide the consumer with affordable products and access to trusted wellness essentials during this difficult time. In addition, Green Supply continues to work on the launch of their CBD oil and organic essential oil, which will be coming soon. Green Supply is here to support the community and be your top choice for essential health and wellness products.