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Large UVC Light Sanitizer Box

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This UV-C light box kills 99% of bacteria effectively utilizing a 360 degree UVC light and ozone disinfection process. Featuring a large internal area that can be used for multiple items including phones, keys, watches, CPAP machines and toothbrushes, simply press the external button and in 5 minutes your items will be sterilized. 


Product Features: 

  • Effectively kills 99% of bacteria
  • 360 degree UVC light and ozone disinfection
  • Easy 5-minute sterilization program with one push button
  • Easy open magnetic latch
  • USB cable power and adapter
  • Attractive faux leather exterior


Product Instructions: 

  1. Open the box, connect the USB cable to the power adapter and plug in. The power indictor light will turn red.
  2. Open the lid, put your items in the box and close the lid.
  3. Press the on/off button. The indicator light will turn green. This means the sterilization process is working. 
  4. Wait 5 minutes. The process is complete when the timer is up and the light is red.


Safety Instructions: 

  1. Read the instructions carefully before use.
  2. Use the included power adapter to plug into the wall. 
  3. UV light can be harmful and burn skin and eyes. Keep the top closed at all times the unit is in use to avoid contact.
  4. Keep away from children at all times. 
  5. Do not place oxidized items into the unit.
  6. Keep a safe distance from the box when it is working as to not inhale any ozone (there may be a slight odor when using).
  7. Colorful items may become discolored under UV light.
  8. Do not place wet items or liquid inside the sterilizer. 
  9. Turn box off and unplug before cleaning. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth. 
  10. If the unit is not working properly, do not attempt to repair. 
  11. Unplug after each use.


Product Specifications: 

  • Made in China
  • Input Voltage: DC 4.5V-5.5V
  • Power rating: 5W
  • Outer Size: 260x150x100 mm
  • Inner Size: 240x102x69 mm
  • Display: LED status (Working: Green, Stopped: Red)
  • Sterilization Mode: UVC (185nm) and Ozone
  • Protection: When opened, the sterilization process will stop and UV light will turn off. 
  • Working Temperature: 0 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Operating Humidity: 20% to 90%
  • Sterilization Time: 5 Minutes
  • Package Size: 290x180x115 mm
  • Weight: 1.2 KGS

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