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A Message to Our Customers

Green Supply is dedicated to providing health and wellness products aimed at improving the life of our customers. Previously, we were working to stock and sell products such as CBD, organic essential oils and other consumer and wholesale goods...then the the current reality interrupted our plans. Products that we were going to start shipping suddenly were unable to be fulfilled due to shelter in place rules and other important restrictions. 

While we debated the next steps for our business, our suppliers and partners approached us about importing important wellness products for consumers directly from overseas. While this was not the direction we had anticipated taking the business, it would allow us to keep our employees working and provide a product that is in demand and necessary in the current climate. Specifically, the KN95 face masks being imported directly by Green Supply are not the N95 masks that are in short supply and demanded by healthcare professionals. We are not bidding against hospitals or first responders, and our KN95 masks HAVE NOT been approved for frontline or healthcare/medical workers and are non-medical. They are meant for use by the general public.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be adding additional products related to health and wellness to our website, growing our selection and expanding the site in ways that we originally envisioned. Please sign up to our newsletter to learn more.


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