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Simplify Your Supply Chain with Automation

Order Fulfillment Services
Already have a website? You can add our inventory by downloading our product information from us directly. Once you gain dealer access to our website, click on Data Downloads for more information. FTP access is also available.

Downloads include:

- Full web ready descriptions
- Pictures
- Attribute data
- And much more!

FTP Ordering
With Green Supply, you can further automate your ordering process by using simple flat file CSV ordering. Please email [email protected] for documentation.

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I love the access you guys provide to Green Supply data. I was using another supplier until I found you guys. I switched because you seem to have your act together. I was having horrible problems with inventory and communication with my previous supplier too. They cost me several sales due to incorrect inventory. Very frustrating!

Anyway, I just wanted to throw you a "Great Job" on the website and access to the data. I've been programming since 1986 and I know us geeks seldom get the appreciation for our work. You are appreciated for the great work you've done! Greg in Tennessee