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Become a Green Supply Dealer

Green Supply is committed to helping your business thrive. Signing up is simple.

Step 1 - Fill out the setup form.

To become a dealer with Green Supply:

- You MUST be at least 21 years of age.

- You MUST live in the United States.

Dealer Application | Dealer Application Online Form
Sales Tax
All dealers must complete and return the MO-149 tax form, below, along with the dealer application.
This includes dealers who do not live in the state of Missouri.

Missouri Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate Form 149
Step 2 - Choose a payment method.
Green Supply does not currently accept credit cards as a form of payment, however, we anticipate being able to accept cards in early 2019.
Download Application | ACH Application Online Form * Preferred Method
Once you submit your form, ACH will not be an option on the website checkout until you use ACH for the first time. Once you place your first ACH, we need to hold the first order for three days to ensure that all of the banking information is correct.
Open Account
Download Application | Credit Application Online Form
Open account net 10 day terms are available. Most new and internet only business will not qualify for open account status. A credit application is required with three or more references where you have established payment terms.
Download Form | Check-By-Fax (Fax-A-Check) Online Form
The fax-a-check fee is $2 per order. Allow at least three business days for your order to be shipped. Fax-a-check must be faxed in on the completed fax-a-check form provided by Green Supply with an authorized signature.
We also accept: Money Orders, Personal and Company Checks
Personal or Company Check: Personal or company checks are welcomed. Your order will ship two weeks from the day the payment is received.

Money Order: Money orders avoid the holding period of personal checks.

Step 3 - Follow up with us.
Once you submit your information, you should hear from us in one to two business days. To check on the status of your account, please email us at [email protected]