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Free Freight Program

Free Freight

Green Supply is offering free freight on orders $500 or more

  • HI and AK excluded, offer applies anywhere in the lower 48 states.
  • Must be at least $500 (Not $499).
  • Must be shippable products, no back orders.
  • Green Supply chooses the freight method - Most likely UPS Ground or LTL. Keep in mind LTL freight methods may take a few days longer than normal. If you want to choose the freight method, then you are ineligible for the program.
  • No more 3 gun requirement for handguns. You can order what you want so long as it's not on the exclusion list.
  • Some items will be excluded from this policy. See the exclusion list below. There may be additions later.
  • Included price levels are level 3 & up + whatever specials we happen to be running at the time.
  • Drop ships are NOT included.

Excluded Items

Mfg Mfg No SKU Desc


If we are assessed any fees from the trucking company we will be passing that on to the customer, even if the order qualifies for free freight. Free freight is for freight only it does not include any fees that may be involved.

For example these are a list of fees that we have been being charged:

Liftgate Fee$32.50
(Per Unishippers this is if at the time of delivery that a lift gate is needed or before hand if the customer requests a lift gate)
Residential Fee$32.50
(Per Unishippers this is if they decide its residential at the time of delivery or if it is being shipped to an individual it will then be classified as residential.)
Limited Access Fee$32.50
(Per Unishippers this is like shipments going to a farm)
Notify Fee$00.00
(Per Unishippers this is any special instructions, like call for appointment)